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nakon 13 godina poslovanja

We annually produce over 3,000,000 pieces of boxes and 300,000g of paper bags.

The idea of ​​establishing a family company that will improve the business of the food industry in our country has come to life and brought a new energy that has been recognized by our clients. Today we are a very important partner in supplying clients from the HoReCa sector. The idea was to improve the quality of distributed products, to raise the quality of product packaging, as well as to achieve better quality in communication with customers. We have achieved that goal, but we are still continuing the race towards new challenges.

The idea was born in 2007

The first steps in founding were small but very energetic. In the first two years, the focus was on the production of cardboard packaging for the HoReCa sector. Machines and tools for the production of cardboard packaging have enabled us to produce 1,000,000 boxes of pizzas, cakes and cookies in the first two years.

Increasing the product range

After that, we started producing paper bags for pastries, sandwiches and breads. We quickly conquered the market, which has accepted quality products from our offer.

Distribution of HoReCa materials

The next steps were expected and we quickly established the distribution of cheeses, hams, sauces and other ingredients used in the kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries and other food industry establishments. In addition to the above, there are also products for food preparation, PET packaging, EPS packaging and other products that are now in our offer.

Today 2020,
after 13 years

Today, KARPAS AMBALAŽE d.o.o. consists of a team of 18 employees, young people who provide the best and most complete offer of packaging on our market. We have four machines for the production of paper bags and 2 machines for the production of cardboard packaging with the possibility of in-line printing of the customer's logo.

We strive to be a professional, competent and kind partner who sees their customers as priority.


We deliver all products from our HoReCa program directly to your address!


All packaging products are certified for use in primary food contact.


Our friendly staff is always at your service to introduce you to our range of products.

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